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Service commitment

Yueqing Qicheng Electric Co., Ltd. considers the customer and makes the customer rest assured. It makes great efforts to introduce advanced technology at home and abroad, accelerate the development of new products, and strive to reach the advanced level of domestic technology quality and management. We strictly request the following commitments.

1. Yueqing Qicheng Electrical Co., Ltd. has strong quality control ability and quality assurance measures, strictly enforce the national standards, strictly design and produce according to the order contract and technical conditions and user requirements, and provide products that meet the design standards and quality. The product is assembled before leaving the factory, and the connecting mark is printed for on-site installation. The experiment is carried out according to the national standard before leaving the factory, and the clear, correct and complete test report and the qualified certificate are provided. Therefore, the feedback rate of user quality failure is always below 0.5%.

2. We will always adhere to the principle of "strengthening quality management, enhancing quality awareness", improving technical quality, and making every effort to satisfy customers, so as to ensure that the technical properties of the products manufactured meet the national standards and meet the various requirements of customers.

3. During the production process, leaders and technicians from the demander are always welcome to come to us for guidance, especially to inspect and supervise the whole process of production process inspection.

4. Products are subject to quality "three packs" according to law. The three-pack period of the products is three. During this period, we shall be responsible for the free and limited maintenance of the damaged products caused by the quality problems of the products manufactured.