Electric meter industry


Electric energy meter is the largest output product in China's electrical and instrumentation industry. In recent years, the state has issued a number of policies related to the development of the watt-hour meter industry and the rapid development of the real estate industry, for the rise in demand for watt-hour meters and to maintain a relatively stable development of the industry has played a certain role in safeguarding. With the rapid development of high-tech, especially electronic information technology, the advantages of electronic, multi-functional, high-precision, multi-rate, automatic meter reading and other products highlight, and has gradually become the mainstream of the development of watt-hour meters, in the next few years, this trend will be more obvious.

Development status and characteristics of electric energy meter industry

The transformation of urban and rural power grid has made the electrotechnical instrument industry step into the track of rapid development. At the same time, it also provides a platform for scientific and technological innovation for the industry enterprises. The Electrotechnical instrument manufacturers seize the opportunity to develop a series of high-tech products independently through the integration of foreign advanced technology and high standards.

Electric power users are the largest user group of electrical instruments and meters in China. The demand accounts for 90% of the total market demand, and plays a decisive role in the sales of such products. After the transformation of the national urban and rural power grid, the electrotechnical instrument industry has entered a smooth transition period, and a short-term low ebb has appeared. However, the development of the industry has not stagnated. The industry enterprises represented by Huali Group, Ningbo Samsung and Lin Yang Electronics have continuously broadened their service areas and sought new development space in the low ebb, so as to compete in the market. After the purification and baptism of the domestic and foreign markets, the products have undergone a qualitative change. They have begun to change from simple quantity growth to technological innovation, and entered the era of high quality, high technology and high added value. The production mode has gradually changed to intensive large-scale, and the core competitiveness has been constantly strengthened. The export of products is mainly based on electric energy meters and portable electric meters, and exports radiate to dozens of countries. Especially in recent years, some enterprises have digested the domestic market by building factories abroad, and the export earning foreign exchange has been rising.

Characteristics of electric energy meter industry

The backbone of large scale enterprises plays a prominent role. Huali Group, while strengthening the electrical instrument industry, vigorously promote the diversified development strategy, actively cultivate new economic growth points, develop new industries, become the main driving force of industry economic growth, and promote the development of the entire industry.

With the rapid growth of high-tech products, the service field has been continuously broadened, and the horizontal development has been extended to the fields of water, gas and heat life measurement and meter reading.

Overcapacity of the whole industry, the supply of products exceeds demand; the export of watt-hour meters technology content increased, high value-added content increased; production concentration further improved, intensive business scale expanded; these characteristics are prominent.

Famous brand products and well-known brand awareness and awareness of the improvement of the overall competitiveness of the domestic and foreign markets and the overall strength of the industry to promote more watt-hour meter enterprises to participate in international competition. In 2003, the watt-hour meters of Huali, Samsung, Zhengtai, Delexi, Hami and Henan Goldfinch were rated as "China Famous Brand". In 2004, Huali brand watt-hour meter was awarded the first certificate of exemption for export commodities, which is of great significance to further accelerate the development of China's watt-hour meter industry.

Prospect of electric energy meter industry policy

In recent years, the state has successively issued a number of relevant policies, especially during the 11th Five-Year Plan period, the investment in electrical instruments has reached an unprecedented level, the policy led to a steady rise in the demand for electric meters. The policies that will affect the industry in the next five years mainly include time-sharing tariff policy, civil tariff policy and equipment development policy.

In 2003, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the Notice on the Use of Price Leverage to Regulate the Supply and Demand of Electricity and Rational Use of Electricity. On the premise of keeping the overall level of electricity price basically stable, we should vigorously promote the TOU price, encourage the power generation enterprises to make full use of their power generation capacity, and promote the use of electricity to shift peak to fill valley. The introduction of the policy has brought broad market space for the production of complex tariff watt hour meters.

State Grid Corporation and China Southern Grid Corporation have significantly accelerated the transformation and construction of the power grid. According to the 11th Five-Year Plan, major power grids have made follow-up transformation plans, and a new wave of demand for watt-hour meter products is coming.

Factors affecting the supply and demand structure of electric energy meter industry

With the rapid development of high-tech, especially electronic information technology, the industrial structure of watt-hour meter will change. Electronic meter has many advantages, such as multi-function, high precision, multi-rate, automatic meter reading and so on. It will gradually become the mainstream of the development of electric energy meter. In the next few years, new electronic meter with various functions will be rapidly promoted and applied.

Foreign electronic watches are developing rapidly. Finland, Sweden, Norway and other Nordic countries and France, Britain, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Italy and other Western European countries, have now completed 100% of the electronic industrial and commercial user watt-hour meters. Resident meters are also gradually moving towards electronics, such as France stopped buying inductive meters since 2001, Italy has gradually updated inductive meters into automatic meter reading electronic meters since 2005, and 80% of British residents now use electronic meters.

At present, induction meters in China still occupy a considerable market. Due to price constraints and usage conditions, it is expected that rural users will continue to use inductive single-phase meters, while urban users will gradually promote electronic meters. Peak valley TOU price and peak price Avoidance Policy