35mm DIN standard guide installation is in line with DIN EN 50022 standard.

1 pole width (modulus 17.5mm), conforming to DIN 43880 standard.

5+1 bit (99999.9kWh) stepper motor pulse counter display, optional 6+1 bit (999999.9kWh) display.

The LCD screen with white backlight in 8-bit 6+2 format displays active power consumption and other data, and can choose 7+1 bit (99999.9 kWh) display.

Standard configuration passive power pulse output (polarity), optional passive telecontrol power pulse output (non-polarity), easy to connect with a variety of AMR systems.

IEC 62053-31 and DIN 43864 standards.

Dual color LED indicates power status (green) and power pulse signal (red).

Automatically detect the direction of load current and power flow, and through the LED indicator state (normal operation only red power pulse signal, no green power status indication)

Represents the opposite direction of current flow.

The bidirectional measurement of single-phase two-wire active power consumption is independent of load current direction and conforms to IEC 62053-21 standard.

Direct access, there are two kinds of wiring options, standard configuration S-type wiring, can choose U-type wiring.

Extension of terminal block cover to protect electricity.

Maximum demand, instantaneous voltage, current, power factor, frequency, active power, reactive power, apparent power, etc.

Built in current sensor, the measurement accuracy can reach 0.5S level.

It has a RS485 or M-BUS communication port to realize remote collection and copy function.

Compatible with various communication protocols, including DL/T645-1997, DL/T645-2007, MODBUS-RTU, IEC 62056-21 C Mode.