It has the metering function of positive, reverse and combined active power. The combined active power can be selectively combined by the positive and reverse active power.

Rich LCD display, with power failure display and backlight function.

It has the function of RS485 communication interface and infrared communication interface.

Supports four rates of peak, peak, flat and valley; Built-in two sets of time zone tables, two-day timetable, can be programmed on demand configuration, and can set two sets of time zone table switching time and two sets of day period table switching time

Time, to achieve mutual switching; within 24 hours can be set 14 hours, can cross zero settings; support the setting of public holidays, can be set 254 holidays.

Has the settlement function, a month can set up a maximum of three settlement points for settlement, the largest record of the last 12 settlement points of historical data.

Local fee control function, users through the purchase of recharge card, the use of CPU card prepaid, security performance is more reliable.

Has the measurement voltage, the current, the power as well as the power factor and so on network parameter, the zero line current measurement function may choose to match. The measurement accuracy is high, which can reach 1 or even higher standards.

It has event recording function, and each event is recorded 10 times.

Has a variety of freezing functions, including: daily freezing, point freezing, timing freezing, instantaneous freezing, agreed freezing.

It has super power, power reverse, hardware failure and other alarm functions.

It has automatic cycle display, keystroke display and display items can be set.