Smart Meters:QBM11-1

Main Features:
1. Measurement of import/export active energy, current energy balance, instant
     voltage, current, power.
2. TOU multi-tariff: 12 tariff schedules, 8 tariffs, 12 season charts, 25 special days
3. Events detection and record function, include cover opening, reverse, overload etc
4. Remote switch control functions: remote switch disconnect/ reconnect.
5. Communication function: with GPRS, 3G, PLC, RF, RS485 and optical Port.
6. RTC: clock with calendar, timing, leap year Automatic conversion function.
7. Demand calculation: interval type or slip type altematvely, Demand interval
     time can be programmed as 15/30/60 mins
8. Power grid detection and recording: record theovervoltage, under voltage, over
    current, power down, Unbalance current event and record the latest 10 events
9. Display: automatic rotation display and manual keyboarddisplay, the display
     item is programmable
10. Switchable between Prepaid and Postpaid function.