SMART Meters:QSM11-1

Main Features:
1. Energy Measurement Function: Measure forward/ reversal, active/ reactive
    energy, 4 quadrant reactive energy
2. Instantaneous Parameters Measurement Function: measure instant active/reactive
    total power. phase voltage/ current/ power factor, frequency
3. Max.Demand Record Function; Max. Demand
4. Multi-tariff Function                                        
5. Load profile
6. Events Record & Alarm Function: record events of power failure, tamper, time
    calibration&setting etc.
7. DispIay at Power Failure Function
8. DMLS & IEC 62056-21 protocal                     
9. RepIaceabIe battery
10. Laod control (intemal relay)
11. Configurable type: CT, CT&PT
12. Replaceable PLC, RF, GPRS communication module with system
13. Remote (dis)connect
14. Powe quality management
15. Event&Alarm: standard Event log,Fraud detection log, power failure event log ,
      power qulity log, control log, M-Bus Event log.