The function of bidirectional active power metering can accurately measure the active energy in both positive and negative directions, and accumulate in one direction. It has the function of preventing electricity theft. And will sell electricity to the next time when purchasing electricity.

The system feedback the information.

Use IC card and cooperate with advanced AES encryption technology to ensure that one table, one card, can not be exchanged, repeatable recharge. Consumers purchase their own electricity, do not come to the meter reading, charging, the implementation of the first purchase of electricity.

Power later.

Electricity charges are deducted per kilowatt hour, and the remaining amount in the table is retained in 4 decimal places to protect the interests of users. Electricity charges are calculated according to the ladder price, which supports the 7 level ladder electricity and the 8 level.

Step price. Ladder electricity charges can be settled annually and monthly, and the electricity can be automatically frozen up by setting and confirming the date of each month or the date of every month.

Flexible Ladder Price Setting function allows different users to adopt different Ladder Prices and adjust and update them immediately to suit the special user groups.

Supporting multiple power selling modes, the MIS system can be configured as a stand-alone or network version. Even if users charge the purchased cards locally or remotely, they are not exclusive and compatible with each other.

Has the consummation many kinds of fault self-examination function, once has the special fault, the ammeter displays the corresponding instruction, reminds the user to remove the fault.

It has the function of overcharging electricity, and the overdraft tariff is automatically deducted when the purchase card is charged at the next time.

It has the function of presetting the electricity fee, and the electricity meter installed by the user can use electricity first. The pre installed electricity charge is automatically deducted when the account card is opened for charging the account.

Double alarm prompt function, when the user's pre-order amount is used up, when the remaining amount is less than the display alarm amount (first alarm), the meter for visual warning. The remaining amount is less than the gate alarm.

When the two level alarm is applied, the power is cut off for 2 minutes to remind users to purchase electricity. Plug in the card or restore power automatically after 2 minutes, until the remaining amount in the table below the current price will be permanent power cut.

IC card seat self-protection function, when the metal sheet and other foreign materials inserted into the card seat, the card reading mechanism automatically protects but does not affect the normal measurement and other functions, to ensure that the watt-hour meter will not be damaged.

Has the reliable power failure protection function, the data does not lose after the power failure, maintains 100 years unchanged, power can be restored.

Adopt a new large current magnetic latching relay with low power consumption and high reliability.

Has a far infrared communication interface and an RS485 (optional) function, compatible with a variety of communication protocols, including DL/T645-1997 (2007), MODBUS-RTU.

Has the remote pull-on function, the master station sends the corresponding pull-on command, can force the table relay to pull-on and close.