DDSY6866 code type prepaid watt-hour meter is a kind of automatic software and hardware technology developed by our company with microelectronic technology and ASIC, digital sampling and processing technology and SMT technology. It has 20-bit encrypted code as the medium of purchasing electricity and supplemented by the computer management automation technology of electricity charge collection. Management, load control, power information collection and other functions, while the implementation of the first purchase of electricity after the use of electricity management system, to achieve the commercialization of electric energy intelligent prepaid watt-hour meter. It is the world's leading prepaid meter based on virtual media. At present, over 84 countries worldwide use and install code type watt hour meter products. The table is compatible with the STS open standard protocol and can be seamlessly connected with the STS standard sale system. It is the most ideal, safe and reliable choice for the new generation of residential electricity management. Electric meters are installed in indoor or outdoor surface boxes.