35mm DIN standard guide installation is in line with DIN EN 50022 standard.

7 pole width (modulus 125mm), conforming to DIN 43880 standard.

With white backlight 8-bit 6+2 LCD display active power consumption and other data, can choose 8+0 bit (999999kWh) display.

To realize the measurement function of total and real-time electricity, and the real-time electricity can be cleared through the button on the panel, the clearing event is protected by password.

Built-in clock and maintenance-free spare lithium batteries, battery capacity real-time detection and display, after power failure to ensure that all power data permanent storage.

It has self diagnostic detection and LCD alarm function.

The external current transformer can be connected, and the CT ratio can be set up and directly read one side data. The button can be programmed to set the CT ratio of the meter, and ID, baud rate.

Supports the top, peak, flat, Valley four rates; Built-in two sets of time zone tables, two-day timetable, support public holidays, can be configured on demand. Support for summer time switch.

Record and store 1-12 months of electricity, maximum demand and maximum demand time.

Time-sharing measurement of forward active power, reverse active power, four-quadrant reactive power, support combination of active power and four-quadrant reactive power arbitrary combination; measurement of positive phase separation

Reactive power, reverse active power and four quadrant reactive power. Power grid parameters such as voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power and power factor are measured.

Number. The measurement accuracy is high. It can provide different measurement accuracy such as 0.5S and 1 levels. Measure instantaneous voltage, current, power factor and frequency.

Active power, reactive power, apparent power and so on.

Has one way far infrared communication port, one way RS485 or M-BUS communication port, realizes the remote collection function.

Compatible with various communication protocols, including DL/T645-1997, DL/T645-2007, MODBUS-RTU, IEC 62056-21 C Mode.

Has the remote on-off control function, the electric energy meter may send out the control signal according to receives the communication instruction, the external switch cuts off the user electricity load.